We are excited to announce that all InSight 360 workshops will now be going ahead as planned, with additional COVID-19 safety precautions. For the updated schedule of workshops visit our ‘About’ page and stay tuned for more details!

About InSight

How InSight Works

InSight is an education initiative to provide a unique teaching opportunity to youth across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Through the shared experience of the immersive films curated from the United Nations and International aid community and hands-on STEAM-based learning activities, youth will understand the challenges people in the Global South face, and together, develop innovative solutions taught through our workshops. These workshops are co-designed and hosted by the three councils, Alberta Council for Global Cooperation, Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation, and Manitoba Council for International Cooperation.

A 360° Video Experience

InSight utilizes an innovative 6-meter cylinder (from Igloo Vision) that provides audiences with an immersive 360° video experience. Standing 2.75 meters tall and with a floor surface of 28 meters squared, this cylinder fits groups of adults or youth comfortably.

InSight's Schedule

The third stop on InSight’s journey is Manitoba! Listed below are our gracious hosts who we are excited to partner with. 

May 4, 2022 – May 16, 2022 – Winnipeg, MB | The Forks
To book your classroom InSight Experience at The Forks, CLICK HERE
May 24, 2022 – June 22, 2022 – Winnipeg, MB | RRC Polytech
To book your classroom InSight Experience at RRC Polytech, CLICK HERE
InSight is currently touring the prairie provinces. Our schedule will be updated as planning continues. 
Stay tuned for updates!

InSight's Mission

For over 40 years, each of the three non-profit councils have been working to mobilize Canadians, especially youth, to become engaged global citizens. InSight’s mission is to further this aim by building a better world through connecting youth to the stories of women and girls from the Global South, through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals.

About the Councils

InSight is a joint project between the Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Councils. Each council works independently within their province, supporting member organizations working in international development, and engaging Canadians to act as global citizens. The councils are three of eight regional councils across Canada, and work as part of the Inter-Council Network. Click the logos below to visit the individual council websites.

This program is being undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.